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ACPS Curriculum Complaint Process
There is a process by which community members can file complaints about curriculum, policies, material, etc in the Albemarle County public school system.  My husband and I have contemplated this process for a certain book my son's class was reading but we were able to get it removed from the curriculum without going through this process.  See links below

Public Complaints Policy:

Learning Resources Adoption Policy:
If I may ask, how did you get the book removed without going through this process?
(04-21-2021, 08:43 PM)Sarahbelle Wrote: If I may ask, how did you get the book removed without going through this process?

It ended up that the book “Resist!” which was supposed to be a non fiction text was actually part of a pilot program and that the teacher was going to either recommend or not recommend that it be adopted as part of the curriculum for future years. We articulated to her, the principal and the superintendent that this book was not appropriate for the purposes for which they were using it in the 6th grade Language Arts class for a variety of reasons. Our son was spending more time trying to research things that were presented as facts in the book and weren’t than actually doing the work assigned. The book was extremely and aggressively liberal (praising the founders of BLM, Colin Kapernick, etc and outwardly attacking Republicans, Donald Trump the Catholic religion etc.). It was also just a very poorly written book that was supposed to be nonfiction about controversial topics that need not be in a classroom focused on teaching Language Arts. She listened to our points and decided not to recommend it. But I’m sure they’ll just replace it with something as bad.

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